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Egrets on the Move; Post-Breeding Dispersal

At this time of year, when feeding young is drawing to a close, egrets will often drift away from their breeding colonies. Mr. Bisbing has drifted south to the Bonner Bridge area, Mr. Kelley is drifting north along the Niagara River and Mr. Newbern has taken a trip up to Reed Island (north of Elizabeth City).  Chick 2692 has proven he (probably, maybe she) has the ability to fly from N. Pelican Island in the Cape Fear Estuary to near Topsail Island. Never before have such detailed movements been recorded at this time of year, so place your bets as to where these birds will spend the winter. Post-breeding dispersal can take birds in any direction, but dropping water temperatures influence the behavior of their prey, so eventually our birds will undergo a southern migration......stay tuned!