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Higher x grid not large enough - already using ext=5

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Joined: 06/27/2019

Per a previous post, I tried increasing the ext value to 5 but still get an error.  I don't know how to find a meaningful burst if the issue is that there is too large of a time gap somewhere in the data.  This is the post I refer to:

In our dataset, locations are scheduled every hour from collars on white-tailed deer.

myVariable <- brownian.bridge.dyn(MyMoveObject, location.error=15, margin=5, window.size=11, raster=5, ext=5)

I would be glad to share our data if that would be helpful in finding a solution.  I'm stumped!

If there is a programmatic way to look at the data to help find the large time gap, I would be very interested in that.  I am new to R and am still learning much of the basic tools.