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Formatting issues

The following are common formatting problems and solutions:

ProblemMovebank solutionYour job
File is not delimited by commas, tabs, or another supported delimiter.NoneSave the file as a delimited text file (e.g., .csv or .txt).
File contains empty rows.NoneRemove the empty rows from your file.
Files have been combined and columns or formats are not the same throughout the file.NoneIf you have combined multiple files together, make sure that the format and content of each column is consistent throughout the file.
Animal IDs and species designations are not included in the file.Movebank will prompt you to add them one at a time, or you can define them for an entire file or upload a file of animal reference data and have them linked automatically.Consider how you would like to add animal ID and species information.
File contains duplicate data with location data from the same time stamp repeated for a given animal.Movebank can ignore this problem if you like, or can filter for duplicates during the upload process.Consider whether this is an important error and fix if needed before uploading.
Some fix attempts were unsuccessful and listed with coordinates 0,0.Movebank can ignore this problem if you like.Consider whether you want to include these fields before uploading.