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PDF: Gompper et al 2003 coyote parasites

Gompper, M.E., R.M. Goodman, R.W. Kays, J.C. Ray, C.V. Fiorello, and S.E. Wade  2003. Parasites of coyotes, Canis latrans, in New York. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 39, 712-717.
ABSTRACT: Coyotes (Canis latrans) have colonized
northeastern North America only within
the past 10–80 yr. We examined feces of coyotes
in 2000–01 at three sites in New York
(USA) to survey parasites in the region. Two
cestodes, nine nematodes, five protozoa, one
trematode, and two arthropods were identified
from 145 coyote fecal samples. Parasite component
community diversity was higher (n516
species) in southern New York than in middle
and northern sites (nine species each) and infracommunity
species richness was greater in
southern New York than at the other sites.
These differences may reflect the variable diets
of coyotes, as well as recent colonization of the
region and the mixing of component communities
from expanding coyote populations.
Key words: Canis latrans, coyotes, parasites,
New York, survey