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General Movebank Terms of Use

By accepting this document and using Movebank the user agrees to the following:

1. To follow the terms of use specified by each data owner. If none are specified for a study, you may not use the data in any academic publication without prior written consent of the original data owner.

2. Not to use data from Movebank in any commercial application without prior written consent of the original data provider.

3. To cite both the data provider and Movebank appropriately after approval of use is obtained.

Example citation for a dataset: Peterson M.R., McCaffery B.J., and Flint P.L. (2003). Post-breeding distribution of long-tailed ducks Clangula hyemalis from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. Wildfowl 54:103-113.

Citation for using Movebank: Wikelski, M., and Kays, R. <year>. Movebank: archive, analysis and sharing of animal movement data. World Wide Web electronic publication., accessed on <date>.

4. Not to hold Movebank or the original data providers liable for errors in the data. While we have made every effort to ensure the quality of the database, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these datasets.

5. Finally, please send us ( the citation for any publications or tell us about other uses of these data; we like to know how they are being used in order to improve the site.