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Annotate acceleration data

After exploring your acceleration and GPS data, you may want to assign sections of the data to certain categories, like distinct behaviours. We can do this in the Movebank Acceleration Viewer by defining categories and annotating the data with them.

In our example (from Waldenström et al. unpublished), I can see that the sections with large acceleration values along the Z axis (in blue) were measured when the bird was flying. I can annotate those sections of data from when the bird was flying to help with data analysis.

First, create a new category by clicking on Add Category.

Enter the category name and click OK. I'll call this one "flying". A new button will appear assigning a name and color to the new category.

Next, select a section of data that you want to assign to the new category. Do this by holding down the Shift key while dragging your cursor over the graph.

Now click on the category's button ("flying") to annotate that category to the selected data.

You can repeat this by adding new categories and annotating more of the data.

When you are finished, you can export a csv file of your annotated data by selecting File > Export Annotated ACC-Bursts as CSV or Export Annotated GPS as CSV.