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new tracking session in Ghana

Michael, Dina & Jakob will be tracking Eidolon in July: we'll start by deploying the first generation of solar-powered GPS-tags in Accra, which were built by the workshop of the University of Konstanz (many thanks, Georg & Bruno!); then tracking Eidolon from the rural colony near the king's palace in Kibi with e-obs loggers.

Michael will be staying in Ghana until November for his first field season.

back from Ghana, too

Thanks for putting it all together and up, Jakob! I still cannot believe I finally saw, and caught, Hypsignathus - an old dream - and the best thing is: it's not used up, I just want to catch them again! Looking forward to more data trickling in from the solar tags in Aburi on them!

A wonderful start for a long migration!

Hi Jakob, Dina, Michael,

Fantastic news!! Absolutely wonderful how this is working!


back from Ghana

Dina and I are back from Ghana, which was a brilliant start for the solar-powered GPS-tags. Quite unexpectedly, we were shown a Hypsignathus-colony in a botanical garden and decided to track 5 of the animals. The movement patterns couldn't be more different from Eidolon! Michael will be staying in Ghana until November this year: tracking animals at Kibi (the colony was completely deserted during July), setting up phenology plots, training field assistants for population monitoring etc.

During an IUCN-workshop in Lomé, several colleagues from Togo, Sierra Leone and Tanzania expressed their interest to join the monitoring network, so there a more colonies in the near future that will be counted.

All very exciting & encouraging!