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Quality control of uploaded data

Because Movebank accomodates data from a wide range of file types and allows users to import personalized file formats, we cannot guarantee that every completed file import is error-free. Therefore, we suggest you take some steps to verify that your data were uploaded correctly. This is especially important if you did not upload data in a standard format. (For example, if you select the wrong time zone for your data set, there is no way for Movebank to know this is incorrect!)

The following are some suggestions for checking that your data were imported correctly:
  • View your tracks on the map and make sure each track is displayed. If you have maps of the tracks created independently from Movebank, ensure they are in the right locations. If you selected the wrong coordinate reference system during the upload process, the tracks will be slightly shifted from their actual locations.
  • Download a .csv file of the data (select Download Data from the Studies page) and compare field values to your original data file. In particular, check that the timestamps are correct and that each attribute name and values match correctly. 

Taking these steps soon after completing the upload will make it easier to fix any problems and help to prevent confusion later. If you would like assistance please contact us at