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Gluing tags to Mammals

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I wondered if anyone has any experience gluing tags onto the backs of mammals.   I have done it with bats and it seemed to work fine in terms of not bothering the bats flight, except for that they got the tags off after 4-5 days.

I recently tried this with a 3-toed sloth and it worked great.  We glued a 3-axis accelerometer to one, and a accelerometer+GPS to another.  They are super shaggy and it was easy to cut some hair away, glue it to the short hair with superglue, and then cover it up with the surrounding hairs using some epoxy.  Here's a picture of it, you can barely see the antenna sticking out.

Accelerometer tag glued to a sloth:

Given the success of this I was thinking of trying it with agoutis as well.  Problem is they aren't nearly as shaggy.  Here's a picture of one.

Agouti on BCI

Anyone tried this type of thing with other mammals and had it work or not work?




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Gluing tags to Virginia opossums didn't work at all.  I tried on both juvies and adults, with cyanoacrylate.  The tags came off after 3 days max.  I even tried a little mesh backing to the tag to increase the surface area attaching to skin and hair.  I think that the animals actively knocked them off.

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Hey Roland, 

quick set epoxy is the preferred attachment method for seals.  Most attachments, when do properly, remain on the animal until the following molt period.