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Migration of MrsKelley

News on 4/11/2013 from Susan Campbell at Lake Mattamuskeet is that Mrs. Kelley's roost has become depopulated of Great Egrets. She/he was roosting in cedar trees with up to 10 other Great Egrets.It is not certain if these birds migrated together to the Niagara area, but having the roost devoid of birds supports this hypothesis.  This is new ground.  Do Great Egrets spend the annual cycle together with their mates?  We know from our research in Kansas (with confirmation from our current NC research) that individuals use a few foraging sites in a limited area during the breeding season. This would put them in contact with the same set of birds during the breeding season. Is there recognition of individuals? Do they migrate together and roost and feed together during the winter season? This technology is allowing us to ask new questions and uncover the the hidden architecture of their lives.