Take the survey to join the COVID19 Bio-Logging Initiative

In this time of human tragedy and hardship, we are hearing stories of animals responding to changes in human activity, as regions around the world take unprecedented actions to control the spread of the caronavirus. But do these stories reflect real changes, and how do they vary by species and region? Animal tracking offers an opportunity to measure how our lockdowns, working from home, or newfound interest in outdoor spaces are affecting wildlife.

Researchers manage hundreds of studies in Movebank for ongoing projects that have been recording information on animal movements and behavior since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Because these data are still being collected, most are not public, but it is easy for the owners to share them with other scientists after agreeing on terms of use. To help connect those with data and expertise to investigate the impacts of humanity's coronavirus response on wildlife, Movebank is joining a collaborative global project, the COVID19 Bio-Logging Initiative, led by the International Bio-Logging Society.

If you are interested in joining this global effort, please take the Society's survey by Monday, 1 June.

Taking the survey does not commit you to participation or data sharing for any particular analysis, but would help connect you with relevant projects. Data owners can use their studies' Permissions to share data as they choose.

For questions about the initiative or the International Bio-Logging Society, contact covid19.biologging.initiative@gmail.com. For questions about Movebank, contact support@movebank.org.


The Movebank Team

Published by Movebank on 2020-05-20