Reprocessed MODIS Ocean now available in Env-DATA

The MODIS Ocean products in Env-DATA have been updated to access the 2014.0 reprocessed mapped Aqua and Terra data now provided by MODIS Ocean (see here). Details about this reprocessing are available here (Aqua) and here (Terra). The older data products are no longer available from the provider or Env-DATA.

To identify whether the results of an Env-DATA request are based on the old or new MODIS Ocean products, see the service information in readme file that you received with your results, under "Environmental data services". For requests calculated using the reprocessed data, the URL under "source link" will include "MODIS-Terra" or "MODIS-Aqua". Contact with questions or for information on differences between the old and new data values that we found while testing the new products.

Published by Movebank on 2016-07-12