Movebank: an open internet platform for animal movement data

Fiedler W, Davidson S. 2012. Movebank: eine offene Internetplattform für Tierwanderungsdaten Movebank: an open internet platform for animal movement data. Vogelwarte. 50(1):15–20.

Abstract: Movebank ( is a freely available online platform for viewing, editing, analyzing, storing and sharing animal movement data. The database is designed primarily for data sets with repeated relocations of individual animals (e.g. those collected by radio, satellite or GPS tags). Advanced features allow users to create live feeds to Argos satellite tags and link animal movement data to weather data from a global weather model. Flexible permissions settings and a data publishing process, currently under development, promote the sharing and re-use of data while protecting ownership and information on sensitive species. We provide detailed instructions in German for registering, browsing and gaining access to data on the English-language website.