Help BirdLife Malta protect migrating birds from illegal hunting!

A request from BirdLife Malta: The Maltese islands are infamous for illegal hunting, and when rare species get to the islands BirdLife Malta is in the field to ensure constant protection. This autumn we have guarded, among others, an Egyptian Vulture nicknamed Tobia, who was released in Italy, and nine storks from a Swedish breeding programme. Obviously, the use of tracking technology can make this work a lot more effective, and we would like to ask projects and organisations tagging birds that might migrate over Malta to get in touch with us. We wish to establish an open line of communications, so that when tracked birds are flying towards Malta, we can be informed and prepare for their arrival.

If you think the birds you are working with might fly over Malta during the next migration, get in touch with Nick Piludu, Conservation Officer, at, to discuss how to best protect them from wildlife crime.


BirdLife Malta

Published by Movebank on 2015-11-25