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The results of a search are listed below the search field. All search results, and the possibility to view or download data from studies, depend on the access Permissions granted to the public, or to the user, which are defined by the data owner. The icon to the left of each study on the list, as well as the corresponding study markers on the map, are color-coded to indicate the user’s access Permissions for each study:

Only the study name and summary information are visible to the public.

One or more animal tracks can also be viewed.

All animal tracks can be viewed.

If you have permissions to view animal tracks for a study, a second box will be located directly to the left of the study name. Selecting this box will cause the tracks to appear on the map and the number of deployments within the study to appear in brackets behind the study name (each deployment contains one animal, and a study can contain multiple deployments for the same animal). Selecting the + for a study with visible tracks will open the study node, displaying the animal ID for each deployment in the study, ordered by species name and animal ID, with the number of recorded locations in brackets. If the result set is large, use the scroll bar on the right of the table to browse through the list. Clicking on one or multiple individuals in the list will mark the animal/s on the list and highlight the track/s on the map.

Note that the number of deployments, locations and the time of most recent update represent the entire study, which may exceed what users are allowed to view on the map or download from the study, depending on the owner's Permissions.

The right column of the result list contains an info icon that opens a popup window with information about studies and deployments and provides additional links.

  • Contact owner: creates an e-mail to the study contact, asking for permissions to view the study data (this is only available if you are logged in).
  • Download search result: If you have permissions to download the data, you will be asked to agree to the data owner's terms of use, and then given data download options.
  • Open in studies page/Show deployment in studies page: takes you to the Studies page to view additional details about the study or deployment.

Selecting the zoom icon , also located in the right column of the result list, causes the map to zoom to the bounding box of the selected study or deployment.

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Search results