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Juvenile Egrets and Exploratory Flight

We have added two young nestling egrets to our study, giving both GPS tags.  This is risky because juveniles have a low survival rate in their first few months of life, especially once they start flying and migrating.  So we are a bit axious about what story these tags will tell about their lives, but very interested nontheless.  

The latest data shows that Egret 2690 is starting to fly around. Our GPS recorded two experimental flights, one south about 3km, and another east about 6km.  The eastward flight took the bird right over the open ocean - certain death if it didn't turn back around.  Luckily, 2690 did turn around, and is now safely back on its nest island. 

In will be interesting to see where these birds explore next, and how that affects where they go later in life. 



P.S. we have not set these birds up yet in the blog page, but you can find their tracks in the Egret study on the main Movebank map page.


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