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Joined: 11/29/2018

Hello everyone,

my name is Maximilian Nertinger, I work as an infographics artist and cartographer at InfographicsGroup ( in Berlin/Germany. We are an agency for infographics and storytelling.

For the further development of our animation techniques and the cartographic presentation of geodata we want to create a showcase – an internal project for a fictional client – of the movement of wild animals. I attached a link to a similar animation at the end.

For this showcase I am looking for stories or exceptional behaviour within movement data. If you happen to know that within your dataset exists such, it would be wonderful if you could contact me via


We are also interested in cooperations with partners in this field and happy to share the outcomes and our advanced technical knowhow as an agency with you. Feel free to check our website if you want to get an idea about our clients.


Sample animation:



Max Nertinger