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Software - Animal Movement Analysis

This extension of ESRI's ArcView program contains more than 40 functions for analyzing animal movement data, including home range estimates and other movement statistics. This program was developed by Philip Hooge at the U.S. Geologial Survey and William Eichenlaub at the National Park Service.

Additional resources:

Hooge, P.N., Eichenlaub, B., and Solomon, E.K., 2001, Using GIS to analyze animal movements in the marine environment in Spatial processes and management of marine populations: University of Alaska Fairbanks, p. 37–51. Available online at

Hooge, P.N., and Eichenlaub, B., 1997, Animal movement extension to ArcView, Version 1.1.: Alaska Science Center—Biological Science Office, U.S. Geological Survey, Anchorage, AK, USA.

Compatibility with Movebank: 

This extension does not interact directly with Movebank. However, data in Movebank can be downloaded as an ESRI shapefile for use with ArcGIS software and this extension.

Maintained by: 

This software extension is no longer being maintained.

Software Type

ArcView extension

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