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Software - RNCEP

The R package RNCEP provides functions to retrieve, organize, and visualize weather data from the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and NCEP/DOE Reanalysis II weather datasets provided online by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Functions allow users to

  • obtain data for a specified spatial and temporal extent
  • obtain data interpolated to a point in space and time
  • visualize obtained data on a map.
  • simulate flight trajectories according to specified behavior using either NCEP wind data or data specified by the user

It was developed at the University of Amsterdam by Michael U. Kemp with contributions from E. Emiel van Loon, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, and Willem Bouten.

Additional resources:

Kemp, M. U., Emiel van Loon, E., Shamoun-Baranes, J., and Bouten, W., 2012, RNCEP—global weather and climate data at your fingertips: Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3, 65-70, doi:10.1111/j.2041-210X.2011.00138.x

Kemp, M. U., Shamoun-Baranes, J., van Loon, E. E., McLaren, J. D., Dokter, A. M., and Bouten, W., 2012, Quantifying flow-assistance and implications for movement research: Journal of Theoretical Biology 308, 56-67, doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.05.026

Compatibility with Movebank: 

The package does not interact directly with Movebank. However, movement data can be downloaded from Movebank in csv format for use with R.

Maintained by: 

Michael U. Kemp

How to Obtain: 

The package and user manual can be downloaded from

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R package

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