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Software - DCRW and DCRWS state-space models

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This code supports state-space modelling of animal movement data using two models: DCRW (first-difference correlated random walk) and DCRWS (first-difference correlated random walk with switching). These models accomodate complex error structure in tracking data and allow fitting of behavioral models.

Additional resources:

Jonsen, I.D., Flemming, J.M., and Myers, R.A., 2005, Robust state–space modeling of animal movement data: Ecology 86(11), 2874–2880, doi:10.1890/04-1852

Jonsen, I.D., Flemming, J.M., and Myers, R.A., 2005, The code and sample data for state-space analysis of Argos movement data: Ecological Archives E086-156-S1

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The package does not interact directly with Movebank. 

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The scripts and sample data can be downloaded from

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WinBUGS and R scripts

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