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The Movebank Data Repository

The Movebank Data Repository is a special part of Movebank designed for long-term data archiving. The Repository is hosted at the Library of the University of Konstanz and complements Movebank's flexible tools for sharing, managing, and analyzing animal movement data throughout all stages of research by providing a way to formally publish completed research datasets. The data in Movebank are unique observations of animal movements that can never be reproduced—our goal is to make sure these datasets will still be available to answer new questions many decades from now.

Each published dataset, or data package, also has a study in Movebank. If a study in Movebank has been published in the Repository, the DOI and a link will be shown in the Study Details.

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To read more about the Movebank Data Repository, see the FAQ. If you are interested in publishing your own data, contact our data curator Sarah Davidson at Published datasets are typically associated with a peer-reviewed journal article. We recommend contacting us after submitting your manuscript but before the proof stage, so we can plan for the data to be published at the same time as the article.



Movebank Data Repository


Store data.XX


Search for and find data.XX


Find people and collaborate with them.XX


Provide data in a common Movebank format.XX


Manage and update data during data collection and analysis.X 

Share selectively

Share your data with select colleagues or using your own terms of use.X 

Share with the public

Make your data available to the public.XX


Reuse data for new purposes.XX+

Data review

Have the data reviewed for completeness and quality. X

Data license

License the data to explicitly allow future re-use. X

Data citation

Have a citable reference for your dataset. X

Get a DOI

Obtain a unique digital object identifier for your dataset. X

Get a persistent link

Obtain a link to the data that won't change over time. X

Find on Web of Science

Make your data discoverable on the Web of Science through their Data Citation Index. X

The Movebank Data Repository is recommended by a number of journals and publishers to meet data archiving policies, including the British Ecological Society, the Journal of Zoology, Oikos, and Springer Nature, and has been used to publish data underlying research in over 50 journals.