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Data download and permissions

The download of the tag data to the Acceleration Viewer will fail if your Movebank username does not have permission to download data for the tag (read more about permissions and data sharing). Currently the Acceleration Viewer cannot detect if you do not have these download permissions and you will receive an empty dataset from the Movebank server instead. If this happens you will not see any data. This behavior has caused some confusion.

A good test is whether you can download the tag data from the Movebank Studies page or Tracking Data Map.

If the download from the study’s Study page doesn’t work, you should ask the PI or contact listed on the Study page, or any user who is a Data Manager of the study, and request that they add you as a Data Manager or Collaborator for the study.

If you are the owner of the study, you should check the Permissions settings of your study. If you want Collaborators or the Public to be able to download data, you need to specify this in your settings for "Visibility of study name and summary", "Defaut visibility of tracking data", and "Restrict data downloads to".