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Download data from Movebank in the Acceleration Viewer

Go to File > Download Data by Tag ID. In more recent versions, you can also choose to download data by Individual (Animal) ID or Deployment ID.

The login dialog appears. Enter your Movebank username (login) and password and click on Download.

If your login attempt was successful, a list of all Movebank studies for which you have permission to view some or all of the data will appear. This may take a few moments.

Note: Currently this list includes studies that you do not have the necessary permissions to download, and studies that do not contain acceleration data. The title Your Studies is misleading. This will be fixed in a future release. In the meantime, if you choose one of these inaccessible studies, you will receive a message explaining this.

Select a study. In this example I will select “Lake Constance Ducks new”. The “id #2927282″ text that is appended to the study name is Movebank's internal identification number for the study. You can ignore it.

Select OK to continue the download.

A dialog may appear that tells you the terms of use of this study. To continue with the download you must accept the license terms. For example, the terms of use for the “Lake Constance Ducks new” study looks like this:

If you are unsure whether your use of the data meets the terms of use, contact the data owner. Otherwise, hit Accept.

In a moment a list of all available Tag/Animal/Deployment IDs in the study will appear. Again, internal Movebank identification numbers will be appended after the names—you can ignore them.

Select the entity that you want to download and click on OK.

The download progress dialog will appear.

Once the download completes, this dialog will appear. Select OK to open and view the newly downloaded data in the Acceleration Viewer.

If the download failed please read about Movebank permissions settings.

The downloaded acceleration data will appear in the main window of the application. Now it’s time to explore it!