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Science Buddies projects with Movebank

Science Buddies, a non-profit education organization, has worked together with Movebank to design two high-school level science projects that use Movebank. These project ideas allow students to access publicly available tracking data and use it to answer questions about wildlife conservation and relationships between weather and migration. See the links below for more information:

Using Animal Tracking Data from Movebank for Science Projects
This page describes the kind of data that are in Movebank, projects you could do with data in Movebank, instructions for finding and accessing data, and how to give credit to the researchers if you use their data for your project.

Project Idea: Do Migratory Birds Like it Hot?
Investigate bird migration pathways and the temperature at the places where the birds spend their summers and winters. Based on what you find, what temperatures do the birds experience? Do you think temperature plays a role in their migration?

Project Idea: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Saving Migratory Animals
Look at tracks of bird migrations to see where the birds spend their time breeding and where they migrate to for the winter. Then take a closer look at the habitats where they spend different parts of the year. Based on your results, what kinds of spaces do these birds need to live?

Have you used Movebank for a school project? Send us an e-mail at to tell us what you did and what you learned!