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User Forums

The User Forums are a place for Movebank users to publicly post questions and comments about movement ecology research. Everybody is welcome to post here, whether you're a student or experienced researcher or just someone interested in animals. The content does not have to be directly related to Movebank. We currently have two forums, Animal tracking equipment and methods and Tracking data processing and analysis.

To post to a forum, simply

  • Log in to Movebank and go to Community > Forums.
  • Select one of the forums to view the existing posts.
    • To start a new topic, select Post new Forum topic. Provide a subject and write your question or comment in the body.
    • To post a response to an existing topic, open the topic, select post reply, and write your comment.
  • Fill out the CAPTCHA (we know these are annoying but they to are prevent spam).
  • Select Preview if you want to see what the message will look like, or select Save if you are done.

If you are subscribed to receive notifications, you will receive an email anytime someone replies to your comment. To check whether you are subscribed to receive notifications or to change your settings,

  • Go to Community > My Account.
  • Select Edit.
  • Under Messaging settings, check or uncheck the box next to Autosubscribe.

We are actively monitoring this site and will do our best to ensure that all posts receive a response, and we encourage all users to use this resource!