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Browse existing tracks on Movebank


Researchers choose whether and how to share their data in Movebank. If you are not a researcher working with your own or collaborators' animal tracking data, you can still browse, view, and even download data for some of the tracks in Movebank.

Register and log in. While you do not need to be registered to search studies and view some of the data on Movebank, logging in allows you to access more features, such as the option to contact study owners.

Search studies. To access studies in Movebank, go to the Tracking Data Map. You can search by keyword for studies in Movebank using the list of visible studies on the left or by selecting from the study markers shown on the map. You can also search for specific taxa using the "Advanced Search" option on the Tracking Data Map or by study name from the Studies page. Check the box next to "only studies where I can see data" to limit the results to tracks you can view on the map. Data owners control access to their studies on Movebank, and so your search results will only include information that you have permission to view.

View animal tracks. If you have permission to view a Study's tracks, you have a variety of options for how to view the data.

Contact study owners. Many data owners allow the public to view a summary of their study but not the tracks. In these cases, you can contact the study owner to ask for permission to view the animal tracks and/or download the data.

Download data. If you have permission to download the data for a Study, you can download data in .csv, Excel, ESRI shapefile, or Google Earth format for further analysis. You will need to agree to the Terms of Use for the data set.

Explore further. See our Teaching with Movebank page for a variety of sample course exercises and tips for using Movebank in the classroom, and our tips on starting collaborations using Movebank. Movebank's Env-DATA System allows you to annotate environmental information to tracking data. The Movebank Data Repository includes permanently archived datasets that are licensed for re-use. For other questions, please contact us at