June 2020 site updates

Greetings Movebank users! You may notice some new changes to the site that we are releasing today. Here's what you can expect from our latest update:

  • The Studies menu: We have streamlined the menu on the Studies Page. The Event Editor has been moved to the "Manage" tab along with the Deployment Manager, and the "Add" tab has been removed (read more below).
  • Data filters: General purpose data filters are now available for use directly from the Studies page under "Manage", which will allow filtering in studies with >500k events. The filters are also still accessible through the Event Editor.
  • Profiles: Users can now update account information by selecting the welcome username message that appears while logged in.
  • Deployment Manager: Several improvements and bug fixes have been made to displays and the Batch Edit and Reorganize Tags functions.

Adding animals: We removed the "Add" button on the main menu to streamline the menu and to increase awareness of more comprehensive tools in Movebank for managing information about animals, tags and deployments ("reference data"). (Sept 2020 Update: after receiving feedback from users we have restored the "Add Animal" button in the Studies menu.) Here are other methods for adding animals:

  • Manage > Deployment Manager: In the Deployment Manager, click on Add Tag in the lower left. Or to directly link an animal with a tag, click on the tag ID, select Add Animal, and then Create New Animal.
  • Upload > Import Data: Import a reference data file with a table of animal, tag and deployment information. This is easier for adding many animals and details at once.

Have feedback on these changes? Contact support@movebank.org.

Published by Movebank on 2020-06-10