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Software - tripEstimation

The R package tripEstimation provides data handling and estimation functions for animal movement estimation using data from archival or satellite tags, including code for light-level geolocation. Helper functions are included for making image summaries, binned by time interval, from Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations of point data. It was developed by Michael D. Sumner and Simon Wotherspoon at the University of Tasmania.

Additional resources:

Sumner, M.D., 2007, Trip Estimation—a demonstration of the R package. Available at

For additional information, see

Compatibility with Movebank: 

The package does not interact directly with Movebank. However, Movebank can be used to archive raw light-level data and derived locations as described here, and movement data can be downloaded from Movebank in csv format for use with R.

Maintained by: 

Michael D. Sumner

How to Obtain: 

The package and user manual can be downloaded from

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R package

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