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The R package mkde provides functions to compute and visualize movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs) for animal utilization distributions in 2 or 3 spatial dimensions. The third Z dimension can represent altitude (for flying animals), elevation (for terrestrial animals), or depth (for aquatic animals). The calculations can incorporate raster layers of elevation or bathymetry.

It was developed by Jeff A. Tracey, James Sheppard, Jun Zhu, Robert Sinkovts, Amit Chourasia, Glenn Lock-
wood, and Robert N. Fisher.

Additional resources:
Tracey, J.A., Sheppard, J., Zhu, J., Wei, F., Swaisgood, R.R., Fisher, R.N., 2014, Movement-based estimation and visualization of space use in 3D for wildlife ecology and conservation: PLOS ONE 9(7): e101205. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0101205

Compatibility with Movebank: 

The package does not access data directly from Movebank. However, movement data can be downloaded from Movebank in csv format for use in R.

Maintained by: 

Jeff A. Tracey

How to Obtain: 

The package and user manual can be downloaded from

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R package

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