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Software - FollowDem

FollowDem allows users to track positions of animals equipped with a GPS and share their real-time position on a webmapping internet page. It is used by Parc national des Ecrins to follow ibex and share their movements with schools, partners, and tourists: see

The completed web page includes a list of tracked objects, the map of tracked objects, and a tool to select data duration. You can click on an animal on the list or map to show its recent travel. Then you can change duration to show movement over the previous # days. You can also click on individual positions to view the day and hour, altitude and temperature. All data are collected in real-time and automatically from GPS positions of each ibex.

The aim of FollowDem is to be very easy to use for everyone that wants to understand how animals are moving.

It is developed by Fabien Selles, Thibault Romanin, Gil Deluermoz and Camille Monchicourt with Parc national des Ecrins. See additional details at

Compatibility with Movebank: 

The application does not currently access data directly from Movebank. However it should be possible to use the tool with data from Movebank downloaded in csv format.

Maintained by: 

Parc national des Ecrins, France

How to Obtain: 

FollowDem has been published as an open-source application; it is multilingual and generic to be installed in other places and other animals. It can be downloaded, installed and modified freely at

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web application

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