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See Tools > Software for descriptions of software and scripts created by others that can be used to analyze animal tracking and related data. Many of these tools are free to use, and the following programs are designed to work directly with data from Movebank:

  • Animal Tracker App: an app for iPhone and Android to follow up-to-date movements of live-tracked animals in Movebank
  • Douglas Argos-Filter: an algorithm to filter Argos-Doppler locations to remove inacurrate locations based on study-specific, user-defined thresholds
  • DynamoVis: a Java program to visualize and animate tracking data along with other data attributes
  • move: an R package to analyze and visualize Movebank-format data
  • Movebank Acceleration Viewer: a Java program to visualize acceleration and GPS data from e-obs telemetry tags
  • MoveMine: mine movement data in Movebank and explore results

See the individual pages to find out more about the tools, who created them, and where to obtain the software and more information. If you would like us to add an additional software or analysis tool, please contact us at