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Add data to Movebank


To add new data to Movebank, you must be the owner of the data or have permission from the data owner. 

1. Register on Movebank. To upload and manage data on Movebank, the data owner (or someone with explicit permission from the data owner) needs to be registered on Movebank.

2. Decide whether you will start a live feed or upload files. Subscribe for live data feeds to have your data automatically added to your study in Movebank several times a day. These are available for

  • Argos PTTs (including PTT-GPS units from GeoTrak, Lotek and Microwave),
  • GSM-GPS tags from CTT, Druid Technology, Ecotone, e-obs, Fleetronic, Followit Wildlife, madebytheo, Microwave, MoveTech, and Ornitela
  • ICARUS units
  • Iridium GPS units from Followit Wildlife

See here for more information on working with Argos data in Movebank. If you are using other types of tags or have the data stored on files, you can upload the files to your study.

3. Prepare files for upload. If you will upload data files, determine whether your data are in a supported format. If they are not, prepare your data files as .txt or .csv files and be sure you know the time zone and datum in which the data were collected. If you have individual files for many tags or animals, or if you want to include additional information about the tags/animals/deployments, consider preparing a reference data file for upload. See the Movebank Attribute Dictionary for a list of variables that can be imported to Movebank.

4. Create a new Study in Movebank. Provide a title and description for your study, and define the terms of use for your data.

5. Set the Permissions for your new Study. Study owners control access to their data by choosing what parts of their study information to share with Data managers, Collaborators, and the Public.

6. Start a live feed or import the data. If you have custom formatted data, the upload interface will walk you through mapping each attribute to a Movebank-recognized attribute during the import process. At the end of the import, you can save the file format so that additional files in the same format can be added to the study more quickly. If you want to upload a large amount of custom data to Movebank, we recommend you contact us at to discuss the best way to import and organize your data.

After you have uploaded data to Movebank, you can