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Email notifications for live feeds

You can set up email notifications for your live feed by going to your Study page and selecting Manage live feeds > Email notification. Statistics include information on the timing of the most recent locations and cumulative distance traveled in the previous day and week for each tag. You can also choose to receive a KMZ (Google Earth) file containing locations for a specified period. If your tags contain multiple sensors (e.g. Argos Doppler and GPS), statistics and KMZ files can be provided for each. For GPS sensors, you can also choose to detect possible mortality based on movement statistics.

Emails can be sent daily or weekly, at a chosen time, to one or more email addresses. See below for an example of the contents of the notification. The format of these email notifications is based on notifications provided to Argos users by David Douglas at the U.S. Geological Survey.

Mortality criteria

As part of an email notification for GPS data, you can choose to set "mortality criteria" to identify if a tag has stopped moving, so that you can be notified of the possible death of an animal. Select Detect mortality from the email configurator options, and enter a radius outside which your animals should reasonably be expected to move within a specified time (in fixes and/or days). You can also specify a unique location, such as a breeding site, where the animal might stay for long periods of time. A buffer of 500 m around this location will be used as an exception to the criteria.

Email notification contents

See below for example of the contents of an email notification. Note that for Argos data, the statistics you receive will depend on whether you choose to hide outliers, along with your Argos filter settings (which are used to define outliers). Therefore if you have selected to hide outliers, the "last timestamp" will represent the last timestamp for a valid location, which is not always the same as the most recent message received from Argos.

GPS: Most Recent Data

animaltag24h2d4d7d15d>15dlast timestampmortality
Arria300X     2013-12-15 10:00:00.0alive
Carna100     X2013-11-18 16:42:56.0dead
Juliet200X     2013-12-15 10:05:07.0alive
Omega400   X  2013-12-09 23:30:29.0alive

X = Message with GPS location

O = Message without GPS location

? in last column = no post-deployment data have been collected

If the most recent message lacks locations, the most recent location is also displayed. Header "24h" means less than 24 hours back, "1d" less than 1 day and so on.

Tag mortality: according to criteria defined; "n/a" indicates that number of fixes or time range was to low to confirm death.

GPS: Cumulative Distance Table


Cumulative distance (km) tracked in past 1 and 7 days.