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Creating a study and adding data

Movebank allows users to import data to Movebank through an interface that accepts generic tabular data and several common data formats, such as DIAG-format files from Argos PTTs. Supported tracking data types include GPS, Argos Doppler, radio transmitters, light-level geolocators, and natural markings or bandings. If you have many files that use your own tabular format, you can save this file format so that additional files can be uploaded more easily. In addition to importing data to the Movebank format, Movebank stores your original data files and allows you to store and share additional files relevant to your study. Data owners maintain full ownership of their data and control data access through their permissions settings.

Before you upload data into Movebank, you must register on Movebank and create a study that will include the data. You can then begin the data upload by selecting Upload from the Tracking Data Map menu or Upload Data from the appropriate study in the Studies page. The Movebank data upload interface will then guide you through importing your data to Movebank.

If you want to upload a large amount of data to Movebank, we encourage you to contact us at to discuss the best way to import and organize your data.