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Animal and tag information

Use the Movebank Tag ID and Animal ID attributes to define the animals and tags contained in your study. These attributes can also be defined during a data file importhowever, it can be easier to upload this information in a reference data file before uploading tracking data, especially if you have many animals and/or tags and will be uploading individual files for each.

To open the import options, select either of these attributes from Map Column or choose them from the list of required mappings. Then select the column that contains the identifiers in your reference data file from the dropdown list under Select file columnIf your unique identifiers are a combination of multiple columns, you can concatenate columns by clicking on the  to add a new column and choosing a field separator from the dropdown box that appears.

After you have defined the tags and/or animals in your reference data file, the columns Tag ID and/or Animal ID will be added to the table under How Movebank will save the data showing the animal and/or tag identifiers you selected. Compare these to the values in your original file to confirm the attributes were mapped correctly. If you need to edit the mapping, select a column header to re-open the import options.