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Finishing the data import

After you have specified all the information for your data upload, check once again that the locations and other data fields are correctly read by Movebank, using the preview table and map.

Then select Finish. If any necessary information is missing, you will be reminded to make the needed changes. After making any changes, you will have the option of saving your file format. If you have multiple files with the same formatting, save your format so that you can prepare uploads for additional files more quickly. You can also choose to have Movebank remove duplicates from the data set during the upload. Choosing By tag and timestamp will remove all but the first row if there are multiple rows with the same tag and timestamp. Choosing All attributes as key will remove all but the first row if there are multiple rows for which all attribute values are the same. If you want to import all rows without looking for duplicates, uncheck Filter duplicates.

Import errors

Movebank looks for possible errors in your dataset during the import process and displays them under Messages. However, it looks only at the top several rows of your file, so if an error only occurs in later rows, it might not notice until it attempts to complete the import. If you receive an error and are unsure of the cause, see here for solutions to some common formatting issues. If you continue to receive errors, contact for further assistance.