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Importing supported GPS and accelerometer formats

Movebank supports the following data format uploads:

  • e-obs GPS and accelerometer data: logger.bin files from e-obs GPS and accelerometer tags
  • KoEco GPS data: data files from KoEco in .csv format
  • Lotek GPS data: data files from GPS tags from Lotek GPS_4000 series and later
  • Microwave GPS data: raw DS or .csv files from PTT-GPS tags from Microwave Telemetry
  • Sirtrack GPS data: data files from GPS tags from Sirtrack logger collars
  • TechnoSmart GPS and accelerometer data: data files in Gipsy-4, Gypsy-5 and Axi-Trek formats from TechnoSmart. (Files must be exported from TechnoSmart's software in the Movebank-specific format as described in their user manual.)
  • custom GPS data: data in any tabular text format (attributes must be mapped by the user; see instructions here)

To import data in one of the supported standard formats listed above,

  • From your study, select Upload data > Import data > GPS data.
  • Select from the format options.
  • Choose the file to upload and select Upload. In some cases you will have two options: Interactive upload and Upload as background process. If Upload as background process is selected (or is the only option), the file will be imported with no further interaction. If Interactive upload is selected (or is the only option), Movebank will show you a preview prior to completing the import.
  • After selecting an upload option, you will be prompted to confirm that you are permitted to upload the data.

If you chose Upload as a background process, after selecting OK the import will begin and you will see the File Details for the new file indicating the Import status. If it is a large file, this will say "pending". Click Refresh, or return to the File Details later, to check on the import status. Once it is complete, you will see a summary of the imported data. To view the imported data select Data > Show in map.

If you chose an Interactive upload, after selecting OK the upload interface will appear. It displays two tables that show the content of your file as Movebank sees it and a preview of how it will be saved in Movebank. You can also preview the data in a map view. Use these previews to ensure that your data are interpreted correctly. If your file matches the standard format exactly, your attributes will be correctly mapped under How Movebank will save the data. If there are slight differences, you may need to make corrections—for example, change the CSV parameter settings if your file uses a different delimiter, specify units if they have been converted, or add additional attributes you may have in your file. For assistance see the instructions for importing custom tabular data.

If you receive an error during import and are unsure of the cause, see here for solutions to some common formatting issues. If you continue to receive errors, contact for further assistance.

If you are a data owner or tag provider and would like Movebank to support additional data formats, please contact us at