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File format

Movebank accepts delimited text files with tabular data, e.g. csv or tab-delimited text files. The example below uses a comma as the delimiter, but colons, semicolons, tabs and blanks are possible as well. In order to avoid problems during upload, check your file beforehand for missing data, bugs, and erroneous delimiters. In particular, make sure that your file does not contain empty lines.

Movebank uses heuristics to identify your file format—however, this will not always be possible. If you have uploaded a file of the same format previously and saved it in Movebank, you may select it when you begin the upload and it will be applied to the new file. You should see a preview of your file contents under What Movebank sees in your file. If the contents of your file are not displayed correctly, select CSV Parameter and adjust the file format parameters manually using the options provided. If your file contains headers, they should be displayed on the top of the table columns.

When you begin the upload process, Movebank will have typically only defined the Sensor attribute in the Movebank format, displayed under How Movebank will save the data. It defines the sensor type based on the file upload option you choose (if your file contains data from multiple sensor types, see the Sensor type below). As you proceed with the upload, you will map more attributes of your data file to the Movebank format.