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Data filters

Several data filters are available from the Event Editor. These filter algorithms mark records in your dataset as outliers, after which they are no longer visible by default from the Tracking Data Map, but remain part of the full dataset and can be included in downloaded data. Filter settings can be changed or removed at any time, and you can override the filter results for individual records using the attribute manually marked valid.

General purpose data filters: These filters allow you to flexibly filter data based on duplicate values, speed between consecutive locations, or through your custom rules based on values of any attributes in your dataset. They can be applied to all tracking data.

Argos data filters: These filters are specifically designed for Argos Doppler-based locations. Data can be filtered based on Argos location class or the Douglas Argos-Filter Argorithm.

Note that currently, the Argos and General purpose data filters cannot both be applied to the same data.