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Creating and managing live data feeds

Movebank provides near-live data feeds for a growing number of tag types, including

  • Argos PTT-GPS units from GeoTrak, Lotek, and Microwave
  • GSM-GPS units from CTT, Druid Technology, Ecotone, e-obs, Fleetronic, Followit Wildlife, KoEco, madebytheo, Microwave, MoveTech, and Ornitela
  • ICARUS units
  • Iridium GPS units from Followit Wildlife
  • loggers from the University of Konstanz-Max Planck Society (imported directly by the provider)

Once you have created a study in Movebank, you can set up a subscription to automatically collect your data and add it to your study in Movebank one or more times per day. Once you have set up a subscription, sign up to receive e-mail notifications and run data filters to flag outliers. Note: Movebank uses the Tag IDs sent by the providers, so please do not change the Tag IDs for subscribed tags.

If you are interested in having a subscription to another type of satellite or GSM data feed, please contact us at